More Information About Our Services

Discharge Assistance

Ask for RespicAir PC at your local hospital or doctor's office when you are to be discharged and we will be glad to help you. We work directly with physicians and/or discharge planners to ensure smooth transitions from hospital care to home care.

Patient Instructions and Training

Our expertly trained staff of home health care professionals ensures that each patient is instructed on the operation and care of equipment. Instruction is carried out in the convenience and comfort of the patient's home, or at our convenient location. Every patient is given user manuals for the equipment which is set up as well as our 24 hour phone number.

Patient Assessment

RespicAir PC staff meets with and assess the needs of the patient with respect to the services and equipment provided. Patients are monitored and assessed according to the Plan of Care and updated to ensure that the equipment meets your needs.

Free Delivery Service

Delivery service, patient instruction are provided free of charge, at time of set up. Shipping Services: Shipping will be charged only on items not covered by insurance, or special order items.


Rental equipment may be returned if discontinued by the physician. Sale items are non-returnable. Defective equipment will be exchanged for the same or a similar piece of equipment.


Staff professionals will meet, as required, with referral personnel or with the patient to facilitate any matter involving home care treatment or service.

Payment and Reimbursement Assistance

Payment and Reimbursement Assistance

RespicAir PC accepts the following sources of payment for services:

  • Medicare
  • Third Party Insurances
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Cash
  • Personal Check