Tips for Using Your CPAP/BIPAP

A few helpful tips for using your CPAP/BIPAP machine safely and comfortably.

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When should I use my CPAP/BIPAP?

Wear your CPAP/BIPAP whenever you sleep, including naps. You have sleep apnea whether it is day or night. Also this will help you get used to the cpap/bipap.

CPAP/BIPAP must be worn every night to be effective. Symptoms may return if any nights are missed.

Take your CPAP/BIPAP with you when you travel, or are admitted to the hospital.


Do not eat or drink while using your CPAP/BIPAP. You are likley to inhale the food or drink into your lungs.

Avoid eating large meals one to two hours prior to using your CPAP/BIPAP.

Using a humidifier

Using a humidifier

Using a CPAP/BIPAP humidifier may help improve some nasal symptoms by providing warmth and moisture to the air.

Only use distilled water.

Humidifier units should be placed below your head to avoid condensation into your mask and tubing while you sleep.

Empty your humidifier chamber before moving your unit to ensure the water does not enter your motor.