COPD Program- Trilogy AVAPS-AE

COPD Program- Trilogy AVAPS-AE

What is the Respironics Trilogy?

The Trilogy 100 is a ventilation device capable of delivering both non-invasive and invasive modes to patients. The trilogy is approved for home environments and has a backup battery for transportation and emergency power outage situations. One of the greatest advancements in recent years in respiratory devices has been with these ventilators. Once only suited for hospital use, modern ventilators such as the Trilogy, weighing only 11lbs, provide comfort and convenience to patients in their own homes that suffer from serious respiratory conditions.

RespicAir Trilogy Program:

RespicAir PC's respiratory therapists are capable and trained for caring of patients that require both invasive or non-invasive ventilation. A respiratory therapist will come to your home and perform a respiratory assessment to determine an individuals needs, provide on site training for the patient and their care-givers both in the hospital and at home when needed. A clinical plan of care will be developed with the patients physician based on the level of care and compliance the patient requires and reports are downloaded from the device and sent to the physicians office on a regular basis. 24 hour customer service is offered to these critical care patients in case of emergencies or questions regarding care.

Non-Invasive Ventilation:

Non-Invasive ventilation offers the patient ventilation support through the use of a standard CPAP mask. The use of non-invasive ventilation has increased tremendously over the past decade and has now become an integral part of treating patients with acute respiratory failure, COPD, and Neuromuscular disorders such as ALS.

What is AVAPS-AE?

The respironics trilogy ventilator is capable of delivering numerous non-invasive modes, however most patients will be using the Average Volume Assured Pressure Support- Auto EPAP mode (AVAPS-AE). In the AVAPS-AE mode the ventilator will monitor the patients upper airway resistance and will automatically adjust the delivered EPAP that is required to maintain an open airway and patient comfort. At the same time the machine will auto-adjust the pressure support required to maintain a target tidal volume based on the patients spontaneous respiratory conditions.

If you would like to learn more about the Respironics Trilogy ventilator or have questions please contact our office between 9am-5pm at 716-278-0204 to speak with a respiratory therapist.